KYALAMI COMMUNICATIONS offers an all-encompassing PR, Marketing & Advertising service.

We specialise in providing editors with crisp and accurate editorial copy and quality images.

KYALAMI COMMUNICATIONS’ interaction between editors, feature writers, contributors and freelancers is second to none. We are proactive on behalf of clients, targeting information at the right features and keeping far ahead of deadlines.

Through our permanent graphic partners we provide clients with a cutting edge advertising and creative graphics service for display advertisements, point-of-sale material, brochure and leaflets.

KYALAMI COMMUNICATIONS operates efficiently within agreed budget parameters on a client-by-client basis.

KYALAMI COMMUNICATIONS also interacts with client customers to originate case history, application and editorial features including photography.

“Always on hand to answer stupid questions with a smile and re-send that super hi-res image that has already been emailed and lost, Kyalami provides the press with a great service, ensuring its clients get the best possible coverage.”

Ysanne Brooks

Freelance writer