What is the difference between PR and advertising?

To those in the know this may be obvious but it is amazing how often this question is asked or the meaning confused …..“I saw our advert in such and such magazine…it looked great” In fact this was a page of carefully written and illustrated editorial!
Advertising is space in a printed media or on a website that has been paid for so that the client (i.e. Kyalami on behalf of the client) controls the content and layout of the space.
PR (or editorial) is copy submitted – usually in the form of a press release – to an editor who will then publish this at their discretion including changing (subbing) the copy to magazine style or for space available. This may also be incorporated into a generic feature.
It is very important for all clients to bear in mind that when their PR information appears as editorial it carries the crucial credibility of being editorially objective so far as the target readers are concerned.

What is advertorial?

An advertorial is purchased in the same way as an advert, but takes an editorial format similar to the style of the magazine/website in which it is published.
By buying the space the client has full control over the editorial and pictorial content of the space. The provisos are that the editorial content is acceptable to the media concerned and that the piece is flagged up as an “advertorial” at the head of the page.

What is multi-level marketing?

Depending on the client and the products, PR and advertising should be targeted at the different levels or sectors of the market relevant to them. For instance a client may sell components to original equipment manufacturers but these components are also of importance downstream – to retailer and end users. Therefore a 360 degree marketing campaign will be structured to pull in all these potentials by using targeted trade media as well as specialised and general consumer media.

What is the difference between proactive and reactive PR?

Proactive PR is getting the message to the media without any requests from editors – this usually applies to new product news, special case histories etc. Reactive PR is fast and accurate response to published feature lists, copy calls and feature writers/freelancers looking for material (usually on a very short deadline!).

How much does PR and advertising cost?

How long is a piece of string?
Firstly the client should have a clear idea of who his target audience is and it is then up to us to advise on how to reach them.
Secondly the client should have a budget figure for this area of marketing (i.e. excluding exhibition and other direct client costs).
We would then develop a strategy within these budget parameters to include advertising costs, direct PR costs (see our “Services” page), editorial cost in certain trade magazines that charge for colour image publication….etc.
In short, costs are very much based on the client, products, market extent and media factors.
What is important is that Kyalami is able to achieve good discounts on published rates due to the volume of business we do with the main publishing houses.

“I have always found Kyalami Communications to be helpful, meeting requests for information (even to the tightest of deadlines). Professional and fun – a great PR company!”

Philippa Turrell

Editor Kitchens & Bathrooms News