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Curve appeal from Schmidt

Giro in Esmeralda shown with Loft in white units behind When you want something a little different for your new kitchen, forget the standard box design and choose the sensual curves of a flowing, ergonomic island instead. Practical, functional and impressively...

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LG Hausys launches HI-MACS® Ultra-Thermoforming

A revolutionary innovation that pushes the boundaries of Solid Surface design. LG Hausys has launched HI-MACS® Ultra-Thermoforming, an innovative formula that pushes boundaries of solid surface shaping to a whole new level with 30% more thermoplastic capabilities, the biggest innovation for the Solid Surface history since it’s inception in 1967.

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“One of the features that makes Kyalami Communications stand out from the crowd is its ability to provide complicated technical information about its clients products in an accessible manner. This helps me to provide those readers who need to know what makes a product tick with the information they need while also satisfying readers who just want to read about the basics.
Kyalami Communications track record of supplying me with high quality images and product information – occasionally at impossibly short notice – is excellent and it is one of a small number of public relations companies I know I can rely on to get me out of trouble, often within minutes for receiving my panic call for help!”
Grahame Morrison

Editor, KB-Network